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The Myth, The Legend

True confessions and other little tidbits

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Supermom, huh?

No, most definitely not. It's a myth. Being a mom to triplets does not make me an all-knowing super mom. I don't have the parental grace and tact so many people generously assume that I do. I hear all the time that other moms look up to me because I have triplets. I am here to tell you that I am not the hero you think I am. But I do think this role gives me a platform to be open about the complexity of motherhood. It gives me an opportunity to be honest and transparent -  to be real. And to let you know that being real is all we ever have to be.

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Welcome to my confessional.

I started Supermom, The Myth, The Legend, as a creative outlet. A place for me to say the things I want to say out loud but sometimes don't have the courage to. I offer no apologies and I don't ask for forgiveness. I just write. Mostly about motherhood - the trials and tribulations. I write for myself and for others. In hopes of providing solace and honesty, and sometimes a little humor.  Thank you for being here. xoxo

In solidarity,  


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Pivot, baby! Embracing Change for Good

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Covid-19 Quarantine Day 1

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Letter to a Four-Year Old

Hey bug, I can't sleep tonight. I keep thinking about today and want to say I am sorry. I haven't been the best mom to you today, have I?...

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